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Comprises of home/office automation modules and devices that will help to control your home/office in and away. We guarantee for the whole new experience of homing. Feel the warmth of the home everywhere.

home automation gateway


Our new Home/office appliances automation module that can be put into any existing home/office you will be able to control your home/office appliance at your fingertips with the customised application.



The white door is used to control the TV, AC, set top-box etc.. Control will be done through voice and mobile app and the mobile app can be used from anywhere and anytime

home automation gadgets
home automation future


Blue Door Monitoring System is the application, that monitors the front and all door during the open and closed condition. This system will provides the information about the status at voice of the door.

Why Choose Me

Home automation Compare to Other's

Always On Time Server

The mobile app and Home automation device server is always running

No electric shock

We offer home automation without electric shock. The switch-box is waterproof

no rewiring

rewiring is not required, all of which are connected to the same device


What My Clients Say?

Really professional technical team with range of automation products! Really recommend these guys for anyone who’do want to automate their homes. For instance control light fan TV AC and many things.
M. Lakshaga
Research Scholar
Blackdoor is a type of home automation system that offers technology to connect wirelessly with a wide range of smart home devices. The smart home system from blackdoor offer technologies and solutions to take control of your smart home.
Aravindh Kumar
Director at ThinkAside
It provides software and device compatibility for home controllers. This enables users to customize the control features of the system - so it is flexible and easy to create the framework that works for your needs.
Mahan Kumar
CTO at ThinkAside

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is a part of Internet of things, This can be said as IoT. The idea of ​​an interconnected world at the touch of your fingertips, or simple voice command for Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana, has recently got the technology. The dream of making your home smart has now come true.


What to look for in a smart home?

Smart House use include security, power saving, all at the fingertips.

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