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Home automation Protect your home with our advanced security automated systems at an affordable cost.Budget Luxury,User Friendly and Style Quotient

Luxurious home automation

To make the dreams of customer to be fulled regarding their Smart Home ,We the ucfer at Coimbatore provides the affluent wireless automation system through Internet Of Things technology. Advanced Home Automation Systems at low budget at your requirements is now on your doorstep.Make use of it to make your home to a luxurious Smart home.

As we are in the era of making our home  to be classy one, We the ucfer at Coimbatore makes a great effort in providing the best wireless home automation products to our life. We provide this home Automation Systems by the wireless Technology of Internet Of Things based Solutions.

We the ucfer were happy to introduce the wireless home automation in Calicut. It automates the homes to the luxurious by automating in the place we are at our fingertips.

To change the customers requirement to a great picture, We the ucfer at Coimbatore helps in making our home fashionable wireless home. 

We provides the best and quality products at a affordable rate by a wireless technology of the IOT based solutions .

The automating light controlling system to be on and off, WiFi smart LED bulb, sensing controlling system,  security system for our smart classy homes.


To make your own automation products to get the smarter homes, click on the link to know further information.

above all the automation products available at ucfer, In addition sub products also available.  After that installation we are provide user manual also.

During the warranty period we provide free bug fixing solutions. After that warranty duration also increase based on terms and condition.

However our product has better solutions for the home products in our daily use. 


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  1. I really liked these products. These products are needed for a family with kids, it is safe and the products are very good

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