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Always On Time Server

The mobile app and Home automation device server is always running

Internet connectivity

It includes an internet connection and can be controlled from anywhere

Customized Application

This includes a user-friendly sample mobile application,The mobile application can be modified by the user as needed

No Electric Shock

Switchbox is waterproof, we offer home automation without electric shock.

Child lock system

Using the mobile app, control the physical switch can be turned on and off

Super Admin App

You can control user app using the Super Admin utility

No Rewiring

all of which are connected to the same device​ and No need to change any wiring, Very applicable to an existing home

User App Access control System

The user can access the app using the management app and control the functionality

weather monitoring

This includes a weather monitoring system that can monitor home weather

install extension device

The extension device can be install at any time and add the same mobile app

Auto Surge protection​

An electric surge comes in, and it is self-limiting

No Additional hub​

No hub has to do with this,You can fit in as needed

Device speed

Compare with others Our device's speed of operation is very fast

No additional power socket required

No additional power socket is required if the device is fitted

Control any where and any time​

This can be controlled anywhere and at any time, and it works on the Internet and mobile app

Dual mode operation

It has dual mode functionality with physical switch and mobile app

control all actions

This way you can control all actions, light, Fan, AC, TV, etc ...

wireless connectivity

This is a wireless connection, so you can connect all devices at a lower cost

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